VOLT FestivalJune 30 - July 3, 2021

Volt Festival
Lövér Camping

Volt Festival

VOLT is the most loveable rural festival of Hungary, attracting visitors to Sopron with a wide range of programs and international headliners each year. VOLT’s international recognition is supported by the fact that it has been elected as the best festival in its category on the European Festival Awards.

The story of VOLT Festival began with 5 acts and 800 visitors in 1993 in Sopron. Since then, thousands of local acts and hundreds of international headliners made an appearance at one of the biggest and most loveable festivals in Hungary. VOLT has truly become a part of Sopron: programs and small surprises await guests all around the local terraces, restaurants and cafes. Press articles stated that „VOLT for Sopron means the same as the Carnival does for Rio” – so it is clearly the biggest tourist attraction in the region. You can find a wide range of programs at VOLT: beyond international stars you can also enjoy the performance of top local bands from multiple genres. Besides music acts the festival hosts street theatre and fine arts programs and public discussions based on a wide range of topics, just to name a few from the many attractions that bring visitors to one of the most beautiful festival locations, the Lővérek in Sopron.