SZIGET FestivalAugust 5 - 11, 2021

SZIGET Festival

SZIGET Festival

With its launch in 1993 Sziget Festival immediately added Hungary to the world’s festival map by winning the biggest international festival awards. Today Sziget is the synonym for cultural diversity and Hungary’s biggest tourist attraction with a significant impact on the economy of the country.

Sziget shows a great example of how to stand out and how to be attractive with its unique attributes on the international festival market – state top professionals of the festival industry. In its first year, the one week long festival attracted 43,000 visitors. During recent years this number has grown to over half a million people from approximately 100 countries from all over the world. The audience enjoys hundreds of programs of different genres, including the introduction of the culture of minorities, classical music concerts or the art of circus. Sziget puts a great emphasis on showcasing local culture, thus playing a big role in forming the country image of Hungary. Sziget has won the biggest festival awards recently, among others it became the Best Big European Festival twice, and won the awards for the Best European Festival Line-up and the Artists’ Favourite Festival two times, as well.